Why should you be sleeping on a Lytton?

Thoughtfully Designed, Meticulously Crafted.

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Proudly Made in the USA

There are a lot of mattress companies out there. We’ll be the first ones to say so. However, how many of these mattress companies are designing, crafting and manufacturing their mattresses right here in the United States? Every Lytton that goes out of our door is made in Michigan.

Could we make more money if we worked with a mattress manufacturer overseas? Absolutely. But, as the wondrous writer Joan Didion once said, “You have to pick the places you won’t walk away from.”

Here at Lytton, we won’t walk away from fair wages, we won’t walk away from eco-friendly practices and materials, we won’t walk away from spectacular quality and we won’t walk away from providing much-needed jobs for the people right here in the United States.

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Skillfully Hand-tufted, Here’s Why

Hand-tufting is a mattress making technique that dates back hundreds of years. It’s when a skilled craftsman hand-stitches the layers of a mattress together with a large sturdy needle. Ask anyone in the mattress industry and they’ll tell you the same thing: the most premium, longest lasting mattresses are tufted by hand.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to hand-tufting, it requires a lot of time and energy and money. That’s why most of the big mattress brands use cheaper alternatives like adhesives instead.

Call us old-fashioned, but we hand-tuft every one of our mattresses because we can’t sleep at night knowing our customers are asleep on binding chemicals and glues… and because we think creating a long-lasting mattress will never go out of fashion.

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Lytton mattress on rustic bedframe and dark gray comforter

Crafted With Swift-Cooling Gel Foam

As sleep enthusiasts ourselves, we loathe being awoken in the middle of the night feeling hot, uncomfortable and covered in a layer of sweat. That’s nobody’s idea of a good night’s sleep.

This is why our mattresses are built with an innovative swift-cooling gel that keeps even the warmest of Lytton sleepers comfortable and cool throughout the night. Unlike most memory foams you’ll find in mattresses, our gel foam opens the cell structure allowing for greater airflow, heat dissipation and temperature regulation, even on the hottest of summer nights.

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Comforting Pressure Relief of UltraComfort™

UltraComfort™ is a special type of memory foam that is comprised of millions of microscopic breathable air pockets that together act like miniature shock-absorbers.

These tiny air pockets are designed to release air independently from one another, fitting around your hips, knees, shoulders and the joints of your back like a glove. Studies have shown that UltraComfort™ foam greatly reduces pressure on the back and hips, cools faster than traditional memory foam and lasts much longer.

This is why we craft our Lytton mattresses with a generous layer of UltraComfort™ foam.

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Man and Woman couple about to kiss while sitting on a Lytton Mattress

Quantum Edge Pocket Coil System

There was one aspect of traditional mattresses craftsmen got right: coils. They offer the much needed support that many of the new-age mattresses are lacking. However, when designing our Lytton mattress, we knew we needed to do away with the old clunky spiral wire coils that pop and shift in the middle of the night.

Our mattresses are made with a thick seven inch quantum pocketed coil system that acts like ultra-responsive micro support beams that gently fill into your sleeping position and fit your body like a comfortable embrace. This allows for enhanced joint support, no “rolling off the bed feeling and a recyclable option that doesn’t end up in our planet’s land fills.

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Naked Lytton Mattress with pillows on top

Our Mattresses Are Adjustable Bed Friendly

How’s the saying go? Different strokes for different folks?

When it comes to a good night’s rest, everyone's a little bit different. Some folks like to sleep on their side, some like to enjoy their night’s rest completely flat on their back and others experience the best shut-eye when they’re at a twenty degree angle.

We’ve designed our mattresses to be adjustable bed friendly, that way they can enter seamlessly into your life without any fuss.

We’ll leave the sleeping to you. We’re just looking to give you a better mattress to do the sleeping on.

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Woman laying on comforter on top of Lytton Mattress, with legs up in the air

Your Mattress Should Never Be a Source of Stress

Buying a mattress should be an exciting next step into a life towards better sleep; never a source of worry or concern.

We’ve worked our tails off to provide you with the easiest mattress shopping experience possible. We deliver your mattress right to your door in a box. We give you 100 nights to try it out (if it’s not for you, just send it back and we’ll refund you). We offer a 20-year warranty. And, we even cover shipping, both ways.

Here at Lytton, we strive to make the mattress shopping experience not just easy, but almost therapeutic.

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  • 100 Night Free Trial

  • 20 Year Infinity Warranty

  • Free Shipping & Returns

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Adjustable Bed Compatible

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  • ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

    "I honestly can't get out of bed, its too comfortable- Love how cool is remains throughout the night.."

    —Jeanie M. (Verified Buyer)
    Philadelphia PA

  • ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

    "Way cooler than the mattress we have had for the last 20 years, was time for a new mattress & the lytton delivered!"

    — Margaret D. (Verified Buyer)
    Greencastle IN

  • ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

    "Love the edge support on the mattress, even holds up well when I'm sitting on the side of the mattress!"

    — Scott W. (Verified Buyer)
    Knoxville TN

Free Shipping & Returns

We provide free shipping within the contiguous United States. Your Lytton mattress comes in a compact box for ease of removal and effortless set up. If within the first 100 nights your comfort needs aren't met, you can return the mattress no questions asked.

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