Hybrid Mattress-ology

Hybrid Mattress-ology

What exactly is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress pairs the coils found in traditional mattresses with layers of memory foam that tend to be common among new-age mattresses.

What does the word “hybrid” mean?

When most people think of the word “hybrid”, a Honda Prius comes to mind. Or, some sort of vehicle that utilizes both electricity and gasoline to run. 
However, hybrid really just means to take two very different things and make them one. In the case of a hybrid mattress, it’s combining desired features from both traditional and new-age mattresses into a super mattress of sorts; a hybrid mattress.

Are hybrid mattresses comfortable?

Yes, very much so. While we can’t speak for all hybrids, Lytton sleepers seem to be adoring their mattresses. Take a look at  what our customers are saying (when they’re not fast-asleep). 

Okay, so what makes your hybrid mattress better?

Our mattresses are made with a thick seven inch quantum pocketed coil system. Unlike traditional spring coils, these quantum coils act like ultra-responsive micro support beams that fill into your sleeping position and fit your body like a comfortable glove. This allows for enhanced joint support and ultimately, just a better sounder night’s sleep. 

Secondly, we stack three layers on top of our quantum coils: a layer of premium foam for additional support, a layer of swift cooling gel foam for temperature control and a layer of plush breathable cloud-like organic cotton for softness.

How long does a hybrid mattress last?

While the vast majority of mattress companies recommend you change your mattress every 10 years, we’re so confident in the durability of our Lytton Hybrid Mattress that we offer a two decade warranty guarantee. 

Do you need a boxspring for a hybrid mattress?

You sure don’t. One of the many wonderful benefits of owning a hybrid mattress is that you’ll save money on a box spring. You simply don’t need one to sleep sound;
not on a hybrid.

How “firm” are hybrid mattresses?

Lytton’s hybrid mattresses pairs both a quantum coil system and a stacked tri-layer consisting of foam, cooling gel and plush cotton. This allows our mattress to sit within what we call the Goldilock’s zone of mattress firmness:  firm but not too firm.

Mattress in a box? Explain. 

You’re not alone. The concept of a mattress arriving at your doorstep in a box is a bit bizarre… especially if you’re accustomed to muscling your mattress from the furniture store into your friend’s truck, then in through the front door of your home without scuffing the walls, around that weird hallway angle and into your bedroom.  

Your Lytton will arrive on your doorstep in a box. In it you’ll find a flat, vacuum-sealed rolled up mattress (that won’t look anything like a mattress). You will take it to your room, easily remove the vacuum seal, and in minutes it will expand to quintuple its size. 

We’ve been crafting our Lytton Hybrid Mattresses for a while now and still to this day we get butterflies when we watch videos of this moment:  your mattresses coming to life.

sleep better tonight!

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